Dariel Architects become TOGAF certified

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is becoming the de facto international certification for Architects at all levels. It represents an industry consensus framework and methodology for enabling business execution. The importance of enterprise architecture as a strategic business capability, and as a source of competitive advantage, has become increasingly well understood.
With Dariel being a leader in software design and development and a company that places significant emphasis on quality and keeping abreast with current industry standards, the company conducted an extensive search as to ‘what next’ for their architects. After thorough evaluation of The Open Group Architecture Framework training course, which is highly regarded in the industry, Dariel recently enrolled a few of their employees on this training.
Dariel are pleased to announce that 3 of their Architects have all written and passed the exam. “We would like to congratulate our certified TOGAF Architects on this great achievement.” Dariel have more employees scheduled to write this exam in the upcoming weeks and wish them all the best.