Who We Are

Our clients appreciate our practical approach to problem solving and the fact that we will go the extra mile to get the job done, never compromising on quality. We deliver exceptional results through our combination of sound engineering principles, rigorous controls and highly skilled staff.

Our environment blends experience with youthful exuberance to facilitate sound strategy with the magic of fresh thinking. This combination of capability and experience, not often found in the IT industry, underpins our clients' confidence in our solutions and is the basis for an evolving relationship of trust.

Our Wealth Is Our People

We have three Executive Directors with over 50 years of combined experience in the IT industry and, specifically, the software development environment. They are uniquely qualified to provide you with the insight, ability and passion required to achieve significant return on investment through the application of software solutions.

Under their leadership, we are constantly growing the team of developers, architects, business analysts, QA and project managers. Thus equipping them with abundant experience and the required skills to be effective in a number of industries.

We take pride in our robust recruitment process, which identifies the core skills and attitudes required to meet your requirements.

Committed To BEE

Dariel is fully committed to the principals of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and actively adopts strategies to ensure that it reflects the values of this movement, as well of those of the ICT charter.

The company maximises service and solution procurement from black-empowered suppliers. Favourable payment terms for black-owned, black-empowered and black engendered SMME's of less than or equal to 15 days are implemented and maintained. Entrepreneurship within previously disadvantaged communities is encouraged through the company's policies and social investment initiatives.Thus, by partnering with local B-BBEE companies (either through joint ventures or by contracting B-BEEE businesses), the company encourages local industry and promotes enterprise development.

Dariel applies preference to BEE enterprises that support and promote the strategy of B-BBEE policies and acknowledge that these are integral in sustaining business success.

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The Graduates and the Sloth
I don’t know about you, but I returned to work this year with all the energy and excitement of a sloth.  2018 was tough and I had no preconceived ideas that 2019 was going to be better… until I remembered that we were welcoming six exceptional youngsters into the Dariel fold...

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