We take responsibility for delivering the full application development lifecycle and are accountable to you for the completed end-to-end solution.


We understand that you may have internal skills or other suppliers with whom you work. Sometimes clients wish to include internal skills staff in the projects we undertake to ensure continuity of business knowledge and system understanding. We are flexible enough to accommodate your needs and will still retain accountability for the ‘co-sourced’ project management and overall solution delivery.

product-developmentProduct Development

Our offerings are clustered around our core capability in the software architecture, development and integration markets.

integration-servicesIntegration Services

We provide you with the plans, frameworks and actual implementations that ‘glue’ applications and data sources together. The scope of this service is not limited to bespoke applications, but extends to packaged applications and operating technologies in both the traditional and open source environments.

Support-and-MaintenanceSupport and Maintenance

We always develop an in-depth understanding of the client's business needs and operations in order to fully support business systems, allowing us to provide maintenance and support for all applications.

Why-ConsultWhy Consult?

The consulting process helps you to fully understand your needs and identify areas of your business that need attention. Below are some of the areas where we can add value through consultation.

Enterprise-architectureEnterprise Architecture

Enterprise level architecture consulting is critical. We assist with the design of key business applications and then work with your teams to implement the correct development disciplines.

Quality-assurnaceQuality Assurance

Our proven, formal testing methodology is key to quality control. We provide a full end-to-end testing solution, spanning the entire SDLC and tailored to your project’s particular approach and requirements. Our experienced and dedicated testing personnel bring professionalism and discipline to the testing effort. Our testing philosophy continuously strives to stay abreast of technology developments with an on-going drive to research new developments in testing and constantly improve on the testing knowledge base. This service will give you complete confidence in your system before it is deployed.

Software-development-lifecycleSoftware Development Lifecycle

We are able to share our software development understanding with our clients, allowing us to assist you to grow your team's skills and development practices over time.

Auditing-and-reviewAuditing and Reviewing

We assess the current state of a development, readiness for deployment, and give an independent view of why stated objectives are not being achieved, whether technology or business related. These services are relevant to our clients at the systems, applications or operating environment level.

windows-multi-touchWindows multi-touch applications

Self-service interfaces that are intuitive, fun to use, and elegant in their operation are in growing demand. Microsoft’s multi-touch technology does just that, which is why we have partnered with Microsoft South Africa to deliver these solutions to our customers.

smartphoneSmart phone and tablet applications

Smart or not, mobile phones and tablets are now the focal point of many people’s lives. Our extensive capability in intelligent user experience development, technically innovative design and programming expertise have allowed us to showcase some of South Africa’s premier mobile applications.

SynchramedSynchramed | Medical Practice billing and collection system

We have developed a leading cloud-based practice management system that allows medical practitioners to manage patient records, process invoices and statements, integrate with the medical aid and offer clinical patient records. Visit site.

logbox-logbookLogbox | Logbook and electronic patient record system

We have developed one of South Africa’s only mobile electronic patient record systems with a full enterprise level back-end management system – providing Doctors with the tools they require to record, enhance and report on the patient engagement.

WBX-integrated-weightbridgeWBX | Integrated weighbridge management system

More companies are looking to integrate their weighbridge activities into their business processes, thereby closing the one big security gap through which theft and fraudulent activities take place. To address this, we developed the only independent, fully integrated weighbridge management software application that delivers enterprise-level automation and business process management capability.